Jennel Garcia - You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette Cover) (by Jennel Garcia)

Breaking News: Im the newest X Factor judge..

Breaking News: Im the newest X Factor judge..

So I finally found ‘Pepsi X’ at Target…

It’s pretty nasty, its flavored with Dragonfruit... they probably should’ve gone with a different flavor, now I understand this:

Im sure Britney picked a better flavor ;P

Britney doesnt know who’s song that is lol

its not shade, its just Britney being Britney.

Drink out of a cup the same as Brit’s?! Running over to Target!

  • Me: Are we going to give out candy this year?
  • Mom: Are you going to do it?
  • Me: Yeah I did last year...
  • Me: ..oh wait there is X Factor that day, sorry little kids

Mindy is the new judge on the X Factor

Bitch nobody wants another Christina Aguilera, bye bye Tara! :D

Ben & Kate is trending tho lol

I dont have time for this baseball bullshit, x factor now please

Why has Demi only looked good at one of the there is always something off, right?

-This was the only day she looked good in my opinion-