Oooh there’s going to be a lot of drama on RHOM :D

But ANNA, where is ANNA?!!!! Ugh I love her

Im so happy Alexia is coming back full on, she’s a bad ass bitch.

There’s only five of them so I dont understand how there alliances are going to work compared to havin like 8 girls

Thank you anon for letting me know of the preview!

Oh & I saw Marysol Patton last night, she is a literal twig o.o

I just want to know where they got all the drama for the reunion tho.. o.O

where did all the drama come from for this reunion?!

The fact that I have all the RHOM intros memorized… awkward


I love Alexia so much.

Jill Zarin basically saying that everything that happens on Real Housewives is a set up.

How she planned things for tv purposes. Like we all know it, but still nobody says it lol

Ay all the bitches that are like I dont like drama on Housewives of Miami are full of shit. Like you are obviously you are already being dramatic. POR FAVOR ITS MIAMI.