Merchandise Unique to Magic Kingdom Making Its Debut at WDW Soon!

I’m sure when you see PUSH The Talking Trashcan in Tomorrowland, you often think, “Gosh, I just want to put him in my pocket.” Well now you can…well, erm, sorta. PUSH is just one of the inspirations for a number of new merchandise items that are coming to the Walt Disney World Resort later this year. Here’s what you can look for:

PUSH Limited Release iPhone 5 Cover

  • You can find this cover in Mickey’s Star Traders in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park. Sorry, the cover doesn’t talk to you like PUSH does, but it’s still cool.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Spell Card Binder

  • Find it at the Emporium or Uptown Jewelers on Main Street, U.S.A; Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland; or Frontier Trading Post in Frontierland
  • It is a soft binder that allows for easy display of all of your magic spells.

Beauty & The Beast Figurine (9.5 in)

  • Inspired by the gorgeous seven-foot tall, spinning music box of Belle and Beast in the Rose Gallery of the Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland
  • The figurine plays splendid music from the classic animated film.
  • Expect to find this figurine this summer.


Okay, you’ve got a lot of options. It’s time to figure out if you want one or all of them. Personally, I’d like two of each. 

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