This boy is super sweet. And I’m not going to lie, I cried when he danced with the princesses, around 8:24.
This is true Disney Magic.

Bawled like a baby. Totally lost it I was so overwhelmed by the magic.

THIS is what makes being a Cast Member so special! Not free entrance to the parks, not being able to brag about your job, not your discounts, THIS: the absolute magic and amazement guests have. This is the sweetest, most precious interaction with a very special guest and his family. He must have been FLYING and I’m sure his family is so grateful. What a lovely prince and bunch of sweet princesses.

I started crying not even a minute into the video. this is why I know I could never ever be a face character, I wouldn’t be able to hold in my emotions.

i thought he was just in awe at first, and then i saw the guide dog and then i suddenly understood. this is fantastic and is worth the 13 minutes.

I made the mistake of watching this right now and now I’m crying and I’m sad and happy all at the same time.

I highly encourage everyone to check out Tommy’s youtube channel and read about what an amazing person he is.

I wish he would come and visit Disneyland.

Oh my God, my dear heart shook the entire time. Prince Tommy is beautiful, and absolutely charming.

“With the hope that it will be a source joy and inspiration to all the world.” WD


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