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What do you think about Madonna? Lady Gaga? If Madonna could sign a Britney song, which should she pick? What if Gaga were to pick? Which Gaga song could Britney sing?

Good question!

I’m not a huge fan of Madonna, but she is the queen no one can take that away from her. I like some of her songs but I honestly don’t really think of her. I like the relationship her and Britney have had, I think its very cute and Im glad that they have respected each other always.

Madonna sing a Britney song? I really don’t know I rather she didn’t. I would like Britney to do Like a Prayer & Open Your Heart To Me.

I loved Gaga. The Fame was such a good album, I bought it on iTunes when it came out and everything. I didn’t like her as much as she continued to grow. It has gotten very old that she is always on, and Im glad I haven’t seen her in a while. She does get ‘inspired’ by other artist I just think she doesn’t do it the right way. Its a good vision that she has of how she expresses herself and the way she is with her fans. I just don’t relate to that message. I was teased at school but nothing serious so I just cant connect to her whole born this way thing and it feels like its thrown out too much. I think Born This Way was just her way to get even more attetion. One of my favorite quotes about that album is something of the sort of “if only she spent as much time in the recording studio working on the album, as she did building it up and saying how amazing it is, it would’ve been much better.’ I think the way some of her fans conduct themselves is way too much, and it isn’t right. I don’t like the whole idea of Mother, I have a mom and I dont need a pop star to be a mother. I know Im ranting on Gaga but its just that she is more recent and I did really like her at one point. I guess Im really disappointed.

I rather she didnt sing anything by Britney. Britney did Telephone and I think that is good enough for me. Quicksand is one of my faves so I guess she has already done what I wanted her to do.

When people take themselves to seriously in Pop music it just gets really annoying. Maybe its because with Britney its always just a good time and you know she does this for fun.

I think this answer is longer than should be, and there is a lot more I think I could say on the Gaga situation. Im just not good at expressing myself and I dont want to think about her any more than I have to.

I was very nice about her in this answer but the fact that she is so ugly doesn’t hurt lol I had to