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why do you think Britney has been able to remain in the game for so long, even with the meltdown?

I think one of the biggest reasons is that people had an instant attraction to her. Not based on her looks, which does help but I think there is something very captivating about her. People loved her from the start and support her through most things. Britney has always provided us with songs that have amazing productions and appeal to the public. Britney knew how to grow with her fans, she didn’t take a very drastic jump. With every album she grew and got a bit sexier, people were used to that. I think the big jump was the kiss with Madonna but it still didn’t destroy her fan base. Once she started to act out most of her fans were older so it wasn’t like “omg she is putting out an image that is too much.” The reason we saw all of it is because she was always surrounded by the paparazzi. I know that nobody else could go through what Britney did in 2006-2007 and comeback and be the megastar that she is. You may say that Rihanna or Gaga are huge stars as well but Britney has been a worldwide name since her first album, and no one else has had the buzz that Britney had in her early days and continues to have. Gaga and Rihanna have to wear crazy outfits and go to an extreme. Britney has to wear a shirt that shows her stomach, and boom its news on the front page of Yahoo.

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