A message from Anonymous
all in all, what did you think about the femme fatale tour?? The dancing? The singing? The outfits?

My view on the FF Tour changes at times. From my own experience, I loved the show in person. I liked the way she sounded even if it wasn’t live. It’s not something I expect or put Britney down for. If she doesn’t feel comfortable singing live that’s fine. Im just there to see her do her thing. The problems I had with the show were the audience, and the changes. During the Circus Tour the crowd was on fire, nobody sat down, it didn’t stop. At FF Tour it felt like people weren’t there for her, like they would sit down, get up, sit down. I was just disappointed int he audience. He About to Lose Me is one of my favorite tracks, I was really sad that I didn’t get to see that live and I wouldn’t have minded to see Burning Up. With FF my show was like the 20-ish show so I had seen a lot of footage already, with Circus I just saw the small previews, I had like the second or third show. So I guess I just wasn’t as memorized I suppose. I was very memorized the first time I saw footage and what not. The dancing wasn’t her best overall. There were moments where she really shines and others were she is fine just moving a little bit. I don’t think she has lost the spark, she would only just bring it more on certain nights. The outfits I actually really liked. Im surprised at times when people comment negatively on them, I thought they were great. My biggest issue with the FF Tour is the Toxic performance lol such a horrible remix. I think as long as you don’t compare it, it is a strong show..but it isn’t as grand as the Circus Tour.