A message from Anonymous
what were you thinking and how were you feeling when britney was going through her personal struggles?

You know this isn’t an easy question to answer because I wasn’t very old when all of this was happening. The last thing I remember was some of the In the Zone promo, and maybe the marriage to Jason. After she kissed Madonna my mom didn’t buy me In the Zone; so not having the music I kinda fell out of touch with Britney. Britney really resurfaced in my life the day that Gimme More premiered on the radio. I still remember that day. That’s when I started paying attention to her again, it wasn’t that I was ignoring her but during 2005-mid 2007 I was around 14 and I wasn’t that into the internet. It wasn’t until early 2008 when the whole ambulance incident occurred that I paid really close attention to her. It was really hard to see that, I always felt that Britney would make it through. It was just very sad to see how the media was reacting to it. They were saying how the obituary was ready to be printed, E! had specials like Britney Spears: Fall from Grace, right? That was the worst for me. It’s really with time that I’ve learned about all that happened, and there’s a lot that I still haven’t seen and read. It’s definitely a weird time to look back and Im glad we can joke about certain things. Im just really proud of her, so happy that her life in on track. I just want her to be happy at the end of the day.

Thanks for asking!