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Well... Katy Perry have no talent too and, NOW, is most successful than Britney. It's called a great manager, boy. People with talent don't use playback and, Xtina, screaming or not, is #58 on Rolling Stones Greatest Singers of ALL TIME (Mariah is #79). People who loves real music don't care about numbers. Britney was a great product of RCA. She wrote many songs? She sing live on tours? Well, don't be delusional. She don't do that...

The fact that Katy Perry had so many number #1’s is mind blowing but that’s a different story. More successful than Britney? That’s your opinion, I love Katy but let’s see where she is in 10 years.

Playback, blah blah..how original of you. Ok Britney uses playback but nobody performs like she does. Her ballads are almost always live.

Christina can sing live all she wants, but she has always been overshadowed by Britney. Did Christina even kiss Madonna? Because nobody cared.

What is real music? I love Adele, Leona Lewis, Laura Pausini, and they are all incredible singers. Britney doesn’t have the strongest voice but she obviously has talent. The life that Britney has lived and the style of her music has changed her voice.

Britney is a huge product, everything Britney does is successful. Sure Femme Fatale didn’t have huge numbers but was #1 and did have three very successful singles. Call me when Xtina does the same.

Back in 90s and 00s everybody wanted to be Britney, she was the biggest thing in the world. She is still one of the biggest stars in the world. I want to see somebody else go through what she did in the media and comeback. If it weren’t Britney that person would’ve disappeared already.

Britney has written on all her albums, maybe not as much as other artists. She does have input on it, and all her songs are incredible productions.

Christina is the biggest bitch, Ive never heard anybody say anything nice about her.

" It also made Aguilera the second female artist to achieve number one hits in the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s, behind Britney Spears who became the first female to achieve that feat earlier in the year.” SECOND

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