Thoughts on Lotus for the anon that asked me earlier.

You know Im not the biggest fan of Christina, I usually never pay attention to her music unless its a single or something. This is the first time Ive listened to an entire album of hers and can’t compare it that much to other works. There are some nice songs on this album but nothing really stands out to me. Some of the beats sound really familiar which throws me off.  Her voice sounds good on the album, sometimes it really adds to the song and sometimes its the worst part. Sometimes I dont want to hear her scream in certain parts of the song. Maybe its my distaste for her but I really dont enjoy how vulgar she is on some of the songs, just seems like its too much. It’s hard for me to really buy into her whole theme, and the album just sounds like one big song to me. 

'Sing For Me' is the only song that truly enjoyed, it might stay on my iPod lol

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