2014 Awards Season, ladies and gentlemen.


Pana-vue souvenir slides of the Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland and Rainbow Caverns. Big Thunder Mountain used some of the sets from this classic ride. Via Disney Pix.

I think about this ride a lot lol

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Why do you love Disney so much?

Well it’s really not a simple answer. My love for Disney comes from the parks. I do like the movies but they aren’t what makes me love Disney essentially. There’s something about Disney that transport you when you’re there. It’s memories and feelings that I have connected with certain rides or even areas of the park. It makes me happy and in a weird way I am proud that Disney makes other people happy. I get emotional when I see someone super happy to see Mickey Mouse. The way those fireworks and the music come together it’s just an overload. The rides are great and the place is beautiful. I think that should answer it. I could sit and talk Disney for hours…don’t tempt me lol thanks for asking!





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This speaks to me.